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DiskGenius Professional [] With Crack Full + License Key Latest Version

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DiskGenius Professional [] With Product Key + Keygen Free Download

diskgenius Professional Craced (1)

DiskGenius Professional Crack is a highly helpful and simple-to-use program that provides users with partition management and data recovery tools. Furthermore, partition management operations such as creating, removing, and formatting partitions give more sophisticated functions such as recovering lost data, recovering lost partitions, cloning partitions to image files, partition clone, disk clone, rapid partition, and so on. So, DiskGenius Professional Keygen might be a really handy, simple-to-use tool for managing disk partitions and restoring data from them. in addition to partition management functions such as deleting, creating, and formatting partitions.

Even more powerful features are available, such as restoring lost partitions, lost files, backup, partitions, partition cloning, cloning drive, advanced file operations, and so on. Virtual disk files from VMware, VirtualBox, and Virtual PC are also supported by the appliance. SCSI, IDE, and SATA drives, as well as USB drives and memory cards, are all supported. FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and EXT3 are supported file systems.

DiskGenius Professional Patch Working 100%:

However, the advantages of this program are not confined to certain characteristics, and it may be utilized for a variety of applications. This can also assist drug addicts in doing various partition operations. In other words, this software enables drug addicts to quickly duplicate disks, image lines, and a variety of other items. You can also manage partitions in the same way that you may format partitions, delete and create divisions. To put it another way, it aids you in the management of all forms of fragment operations and data restoration. Still, it’s a partitioning system with colorful tools for VMware, virtual fragment lines, and VirtualBox support. For example, drug addicts could use it to run USB drives, SATA drives, IDE, SCSI, and memory cards. The system also supports EXT3, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12 file systems.

This tool is also essential to have on your bias since it provides all forms of fragment partitioning and operations for IT pros. On the other hand, it may assist us in recovering lost lines and flyers, as well as repairing viral attacks, fragment failure, system failures, and quickly formatting partitions. To put it another way, this can help drug addicts restore lines that were accidentally erased, formatted, and even create clones for fragment partitions. Torrent DiskGenius Following that, you’ll be fully capable of supporting both the actual and virtual system terrains. Keeping these points in mind, it is clear that this program is beneficial and necessary for all drug users to manage their system partitions. Additionally, drug addicts will be able to restore their damaged cells.

Features of DiskGenius Professional Keygen:

  • Make another segment, delete a segment, and shroud segment are some of the basic parcel activities. Segment boundaries can be determined in depth.
  • It supports IDE, SCSI, SATA, and other permanent plates, as well as USB flash disks, USB hard disks, and memory cards.
  • Supporting the document frameworks FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS.
  • Can read files stored in the EXT2/EXT3 file system. Logical Volume Management in Linux is backed by a lot of people (LVM2).
  • The GUID package table design is gaining popularity. GPT plates as support.
  • FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS segments may be organized quickly. When constructing the NTFS package, you may specify the bunch size or choose an alternative for packaging it.
  • Can go at any records in any protected areas, including hidden parcels, as well as papers that aren’t normally accessible. Even in upheld allotments, you can persuade the records to be erased.
  • Drive letters are assigned or removed by backing.
  • Backing up and recovering documents from FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS partitions that have been designed or are difficult to reach.
  • Supporting the recovery of missing pieces (reconstruct parcel table). You can immediately see the records in the missing portions during the recovery activity. This is the best way to figure out if the Disk Genius portion is exactly what you’re looking for. Even if the package table hasn’t been saved from plating, you can recover lost records from the segment.
  • Is backup capable of segmenting the table to a document or restoring it from a record?
  • Can reestablish a segment from a picture record by reinforcing the full parcel to the picture document.
  • Supporting packages that have been duplicated. “Duplicate all areas,” “Duplicate every legitimate area,” and “Duplicate all papers” are three duplicating options to choose from.
  • Duplicating plates are backed up. Similarly, three replicating modes, such as parcel duplication, should be available.
  • VMWare virtual plate document (.vmdk record) as a backup Use it in the same way you would regular plates.
  • While the VMWare virtual machine is not operating, it is possible to duplicate records (from or to the virtual plate), as well as recover lost documents from the virtual circle document.
  • Design of photo documents in “.img” and “.ima” formats.
  • The backing allows the plate to be used in USB-FDD and USB-ZIP modes.


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diskgenius Professional latest version (1)

What’s new in DiskGenius Professional Crack:

  • High-resolution displays and high DPI make the merchandise look new on 4K displays.
  • Add the ability to virtualize the present Windows operating system into a VMware virtual machine, maintaining all existing settings and projects.
  • Broken DiskGenius Allows cloning larger hard drives to smaller hard drives or SSDs. Clone a drive
  • Clients can modify segment size on track hard drives with disk genius.
  • Clients can choose how many processor strings to use for segment reinforcement.
  • The ability to recover documents by type now includes CR3 records.
  • Setting SATA and NVMe objective plates with VMDK virtual circle construction

System Requirements:

  • Supported Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM) required: 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Like, Hard Disk Space required: 150 MB of free hard disk space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later

Registration Key of DiskGenius Professional Crack?

  • fyiGsvTNvrMc-RXSOuJ-kdrMTQgRjRoo20
  • D9TbiwzE8nW-B1F0N0X-qXijwe4fvMH9tZ
  • 613WXwE7v1A-q7nXRigh1-pCCGkKSZRQbi
  • 8HtcfxZMeoE7w-iHdQK4XD2-1N8iO9AnWZ

How to install DiskGenius Professional Crack?

  • Download it here!
  • Install it right
  • Installing guide for friends
  • Done.


DiskGenius is a powerful fragment operation program that allows drug dealers to create new partitions and resize existing system partitions on their computers. On the other hand, it’s a convenient and stoner-friendly item to have around.

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